Customization: Your Unique Shower Enclosure Vision


Your bathroom should reflect your style and preferences, and that includes your shower enclosure. Off-the-shelf solutions may not always fit the bill when you have a unique vision in mind. That’s where customization comes in. At Meaven, we understand that no two homeowners are alike, and neither are their bathroom design aspirations. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of customization in shower enclosure design, highlight the various options available for tailoring your shower space, share inspiring success stories, and reaffirm our commitment to delivering personalized solutions that bring your vision to life.

Customization Options

When it comes to shower enclosure customization, the possibilities are nearly endless:

  1. Size and Shape: Whether your bathroom is cozy or spacious, we can craft a shower enclosure to perfectly fit the available space, even if it’s an unconventional shape.
  2. Glass Type: Choose from a variety of glass types, including clear, frosted, or textured, to achieve the level of privacy and aesthetics you desire.
  3. Hardware and Finishes: Select from an array of finishes for your shower enclosure hardware, such as chrome, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze, ensuring it complements your bathroom’s style.
  4. Design Elements: Incorporate design elements like etched patterns, colored accents, or even your own artwork to make your shower enclosure truly unique.
  5. Accessibility Features: Customize your enclosure to accommodate accessibility needs with options like low-profile thresholds and grab bars.

Success Stories

Imagine a shower enclosure that perfectly fits your bathroom’s unique layout, or one that features a stunning glass design element that becomes a conversation starter for guests. Here are just a couple of success stories that showcase the power of customization:

  • Small Bathroom, Big Solutions: In a compact bathroom with an awkward layout, our team created a custom corner shower enclosure that maximized space while adding a touch of luxury.
  • Personalized Etched Glass: A homeowner with a penchant for art collaborated with us to design an etched glass shower enclosure featuring their own artwork, transforming their shower into a functional art gallery.


At Meaven, we believe that your shower enclosure should be a reflection of your unique style and needs. Our commitment to customization ensures that you don’t have to settle for standard solutions that don’t quite fit. Whether you dream of a spacious, frameless glass enclosure or desire a personalized design element that sets your bathroom apart, we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life.

For more information on our customizable shower enclosures and to explore the myriad options available, visit our website at Discover how Meaven can turn your unique shower enclosure vision into a stunning reality. Don’t compromise on your dream shower – choose customization with Meaven.

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